Layna: Wow—five stars!


I thought The Ice Storm was absolutely terrific. I saw it last year in SF and thought it was just devastating, the story and the acting. Actually I watched it twice. I went to the city with Elena and we were so knocked out by it that we sat through the next screening as well. I mean, we were just wiped out by the ending. You’ve really got to see it and not just for Elijah Wood. I thought he gave a good performance but Tobey Maguire and Christina Ricci were both dynamite. It’s too bad the movie in Angels hasn’t shown it yet, but I wouldn’t give up hope.  Read the rest of this entry »


Roseanne: I think you’re nuts


You’re absolutely crazy—they don’t look anything alike except for the eyes. Aside from them both looking like someone gave them sapphire implants, I think Elijah is so cute but Jeremy is just plain yucky! I just went to San Francisco to see Deep Impact, which wasn’t my cup of tea though Jonathan loved it. He loves all that science fiction stuff. But Elijah was just heaven to look at. I drooled all the way through, although the film itself was hardly drool material. Actually I was a little bored. I mean, the earth and the moon collide? Give me a break. I hear he’s supposed to be really good in The Ice Storm I haven’t seen that. At least it’s not an action film or sci fi like Deep Impact was. It sounds very serious and right up my alley, though I wonder if it’ll ever come up here.    Read the rest of this entry »

Rugger: Oh, man!


I’ve been to New York City and it’s a zoo. There are too many people and cars and taxis all trying to hit you, and the streets are always jammed, and there are billboards flashing all these lights which can drive you crazy. Seriously. The first day can be okay but it gets real old after five minutes. I didn’t see that place you mentioned though I’d bet you it’s overpopulated too. Everything in New York is overpopulated. But on Times Square I saw a couple of chicks who I swear were hookers. They had these vinyl mini skirts and lips so bright you couldn’t miss them and heels the height of stilettos. They’re worth maybe another five minutes to look at, but even the hookers get old after a while. I guess it’ll be cool to see your cousins. Read the rest of this entry »

Alicia: A Hollywood poster boy


Don’t you think Jeremy McGinnis looks just like Elijah Wood? I thought that picture of him in the newspaper was Elijah’s spitting image! Elijah, of course, is ten times handsomer, but didn’t you think the look was almost like his evil twin brother? It was such a shock seeing him right on the front page, in Technicolor and all. It really blew my mind. Not that I’m interested in Jeremy or anything. He always seems so above it all or he has his nose in a book. I can’t imagine what he can see in reading, but that’s his problem. I just thought the look-alike was simply amazing! Read the rest of this entry »

Eliza: I’m terribly worried


What if the buyers pulled out? They sounded solid as a rock but who knows if they could get the financing? And how much capital would they have to sink into the mine to make it all worth their while? I should have asked them all about their money situation, but I was too flustered to think straight. I’m sure I’ll simply worry myself to death if I go on like this. Mother used to warn me that worry lined your face with wrinkles, and I have such good skin. I should­n’t think any more about this pending prospect. It’ll drive me insane, if not make me look my age. 

Herman: Well, suit yourself


Go ahead and become a pig farmer. See if I care. I’ll enjoy my golf and my season ticket to the Knicks, and my excursions to see a Broadway show, and you can roll up your sleeves and get dirty all you want. I was only trying to give you a little brotherly advice, but as usual you rebuffed me so why should I even bother? It won’t be long till you give up your ridiculous dreams out there, Mr. Don Quixote, and move back to the city. Mark my words, Lester, you’ll miss New York more than you think. No one ever gets the city out of their system.  Read the rest of this entry »

Eliza: My long-deferred dream


If I can only sell this land, I’ll finally have some money so I can travel. It would be such a pleasure to see a bit of the world. As a widow I should think I’m entitled. When L died and left me the deeds to all his worthless properties, I feared the taxes would eat up everything I had. That’s the only reason I’ve been so prudent and frugal, even though everyone assumes I have a fortune in the bank. But if this deal goes through and I make all that money—even less, should they haggle a bit—I’ll finally be able to visit the lovely English gardens I’ve read about all my life. My Wise Portias do the best here of all the roses I’ve grown, but our climate is so different than England. It would be wondrous to see all those beautiful rose gardens this July. Or August, if the escrow takes longer to close. Any longer and I’d have to wait till next July. But even that would be a blessing! Read the rest of this entry »